Delivering Superior Service

This workshop helps staff clarify what customer service is all about. Workshop participants learn how they
can solve problems and consistently create positive outcomes for customers. The workshop makes the point that it is every employee’s job function to serve the customer.

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  • Understand what customers really want.
  • Learn key tools for taking action.
  • Know how to use M.A.G.I.C. to consistently create positive outcomes for clients and other customers.

Course Outline

  • Introduction: What do customers want? Attention – Answers – Action
  • Your Job Function – Serving the Customer
  • Moments of Truth – Magic, Neutral, Misery
  • Solving Customer Problems – Problem-solving Tools for Every Situation
    • M.A.G.I.C.
    • Make a connection with the customer

      Ask questions

      Get agreement on the problem

      Involve the customer in the solution

      Confirm and implement the solution

    • Creative Problem Solving
    • The Sandwich Technique – How to say “No”
    • ACT! – To handle multiple requests
  • Case Studies (customized to the organization) – Choose the right tool

The Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop

This 1-day workshop teaches tools for both creative and systematic problem solving. Activities and games provide practice in how to maintain an open mind and apply proven techniques to thinking outside the box. Solutions to at least three fourths of business problems can be found through applying the different approaches of creative problem solving.


  • Be able to use Situation Analysis to determine if a situation presents a problem,
  • an opportunity, a decision, or a task.
  • Be able to use a three-step process for creative problem solving.
  • Know how to use brainstorming as a technique for generating ideas.
  • Know how to use the Systematic Problem-solving process.
  • Know how to use Field Analysis and the Fishbone Diagram to determine causes.
  • Know key analytic tools for making high impact and routine decisions.
  • Know how to avoid decision making traps.