We will work closely with you to develop unique training programs that fit your organization and culture and meet your needs. And because our streamlined approach to customized training saves everyone time, you will save money as well.

We begin by listening to your objectives—what you want you managers and staff to be able to do differently as a result of a training workshop or program. We will most likely have a workshop we have already developed that we can modify. We will draw from our large library of case studies and exercises that we have written for various organizations, including residential and commercial property management, facilities management, government, and the science and engineering industry, among many others. We are thus able to create a customized workshop for your organization at a price far lower than starting from the beginning.

Here are some examples of ways that we customize training workshops for our clients:

Professional Writing Workshops

We customize the workshop by getting writing samples from your organization that we then analyze and include in the workshop and participant manual. We will also ask your for examples of good writing, so that we can show your staff “how it’s done” in your organization.

Customer Service Workshops

We first learn about your culture and then use that knowledge to incorporate key terms and references into a workshop that you have selected. We will also customize our existing cases, so that your employees will relate to the situations described, will be able to quickly see themselves in those same situations, and will ultimately be able to transfer new skills to delivering superior service to your customers.

Management Skills Workshops

After learning what your managers need to do to make your organization a success, we will customize cases and exercises from our library so that, for example, your facilities management managers participate in workshop activities that address concerns that are specific to that industry.

In all of our training workshops, we, along with your participants, create a high energy experience that fosters interaction, and most importantly, easy transfer of practical skills and tools. To facilitate learning transfer, we will often create worksheets, checklists, and reminder cards with key processes and steps. These will be done with your company logo and in your organization’s colors.

Download a copy of Delivering Superior Service Reminder Card

Professional Writing Checklist